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   Ng Chi Wai, CEO for ASCENDENT, established the company in 2005. Over the years, under his guidance, ASCENDENT started from zero to independent innovation, has won the attention of industries and the trust of the customers.
   Born in the sixties, in the hard environment, Mr. Ng developed a characteristic of self-improvement, industriousness and braveness, hard-work, honesty and trustworthiness. In adulthood, Mr. Ng established Hong Kong Wahwai Logistics CO., LTD. After the return of Hong Kong, Mr Ng decided to do investment in mainland. By 2005, he set up ASCENDENT. At first, as a long-term habit speaking dialect of Hong Kong, Mr. Ng’s work progress in the mainland of China was very hard because of language barrier. In order to better communicate with people in mainland China, though close to 40 years old, Mr. Ng started to learn Pinyin. At the first two years,  in efforts of Mr. Ng’s team, sales increased year after year. In the financial crisis in 2008, ASCENDENT stubbornly survived. In 2012, according to the market trend and demand, Mr. Ng led a Italian design team, innovated research and developed of a new generation of drive-by-wire office chair, fantastic clerk chairs and adolescent study chairs, which won several nationa
   l patents. Up to now, Mr. Wu makes up a series of promotion plans and goals for the new chairs, to develops overseas markets.
Marketing Department
   Marketing Department as one of the important functional departments makes great effect in a company, and restrict the development of the company. From work content level, small to a print AD design, big to the company's annual sales promotion plan, media, public relations planning, marketing plan, regional marketing and company development strategy planning formulation and deployment, and so on, are made by the Marketing Department, as a whole and organize relevant departments ahead, forward-looking design and planning for the company.
   Cai Ruiqin as a sales manager, is also the headmaster of Marketing Department, in charge of marketing planning, etc. Manager CAI is always rigorously earnest in work for ASCENDENT, dedicated for 12 years. As a senior, manager CAI not only brings economic benefits for the company, but also committed to perfect the administrative management system of the company. Manager CAI is recognised by ASCENDENT company and is loved of many employees. She has a strong heart and owing to her hard work, she grows from nobody to somebody, as one of the core leaders in ASCENDENT company. Besides she also a good mother who has give birth to two children. Making plan for all important things, doing things carefully, she became a winner in life.
   Ng Chi Wai, is not only the founder of ASCENDENT, but also the headmaster of R&D department, and the chief designer of ASCENDENT. Each a product, is a result of he and his team greatly hard work.
   In order to enrich products of ASCENDENT, to make our products more diversified in line with market demand, ASCENDENT invites Italian designers and American designers to join us to abundant research and development team. the innovative research and development of executive chair AS-A-1, the AS-B-1, the AS-80X supreme series, staff chair AS-805, study desks and chairs series. Each birth of the outstanding works, won great attention of the masses.
   Wu believes that modern society requires the qualitative change of office environment. Along with the increasing environmental awareness and health consciousness of the broad masses, the office chair must also make a qualitative improvement. In the process of designing, Mr Ng with environmental-friendly concept and human body engineering concept, lead the team to technological innovation, to achieve high intelligence, high efficiency, high quality of modern office, using the optimal design, and to collocates with dynamic office environment of the new age.
Production Department
   We products chairs not only for the domestic market, but also exported to foreign markets. Therefore, our production must comply with the standards of the international market, which as to us, are challenges, and opportunities, either.
   Zhang Haikun, to join ASCENDENT for 12 years, is the factory director for ASCENDENT now. Mr. Zhang manages on ASCENDENT’S production, improves technology, and works together with the factory workers to find the problems in the process of production, to analyze problems, solve the problem, together. According to the cargo plan of sales department, director of warehouse and general manager of production, responsible for the organization and arrange the company's annual and monthly production plan. What’s more, the production department according to the relevant provisions, formulate the company's production safety management standards and regulations, and technical measures plan to improve measures of solving unsafe hidden trouble.
   Production supervisor, group leaders of production, coordinated with director of warehouse, to process production scheduling, production scheduling meetings regularly, organization scale production, to strengthen the quota management, reduce consumption, improve labor productivity, for strict accordance with the type, quantity, quality, delivery, safety and other production tasks. Over the years, we would serve both at home and abroad orders, all unified according to the international standard production and packaging, timely delivery, and improve after-sales service. ASCENDENT stick to produced products with high quality, ASCENDENT produced, five-year warranty!

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