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Plant Operation

   We adhere to the people-centered management attitude, concerned about the employee's work and life, continued to improve the staff's working environment. Under the supervision of the factory director, under the leadership of production supervisor, ASCENDENT continuously improve production management system.
    All products used in the production materials are chosen by the professional procurement staff , by destructive test after order. By professional QC inspection after materials to the factory, warehouse do record into the Treasury.Housing according to production orders. Then cutting and cloth production cloth cover. Each group of production distributes the labor cooperation to finish back of chairs and seat of chairs. After the completion of the entire assembly debugging, through clean panel processing, the packaging group parts. After QC checking, return the unqualified products to obsolete or rework, cooperation products to split the packing classification. At last, according to customer needs, we arrange truck delivery or Courier to send.
    In after-sale service, if customer reflect production defects to the production team, production team would take the responsibility immediately to test, debug, analyze problems, and immediately solve the problem, to ensure customer after-sales rights, to provide rapid and effective service for the customer. To make products that can win the trust of cutomers is the most fundamental purpose of ASCENDENT.

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