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     Ng Chi Wai, the chief executive, is also the chairman of the design team. When Mr. Ng joined the office furniture industry, he constantly learned professional knowledge in this field, from practical  exercise, and grew up in frustration. Mr.wu is dedicated to study visual communication art and market promotion, with the most concise way to transfer the strongest visual impact and functions. He has always made efforts to pursuit excellence. And meantime he has extremely high sensitivity for office products. The design of ASCENDENT product are result of continuous improvement. Wu stressed that office chairs of the new era, should be environmental-friendly, simple and flexible, decent, fashionable and elegant.
    After the global financial crisis in 2008, Mr. Ng overcoming difficulties, continued to develop new products. He insisted on his original vision, believing that the market would rebound after warming, a new generation ASCENDENT self-molding office products will receive more appreciation, and lead the tide of a new generation of office chair.
    AS80X supreme series in 2012, fantastic staff chair series 805, and the world's first ABS study chair series success in Canton fair, attracting buyers all over the world.