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Design Concept

     Design concept: ergonomic, concise fashion.
    ASCENDENT design has long sought to close to the customer demand and their own way of life. Each work is a thoughtful, forward-looking design, dedicated to perfection and a creative design to provide a lasting value for our customers. “Always pursue for the front of design, never shrink back before failure”, it is exactly in this creed that the concept of innovation can be put into practice and that creation of new standards can be promote to the global platform. 
    Our products is facing to enterprises and those who have ability to purchase house, cars, and some of its luxury consumption. The middle and high income group of 20 to 60 years old, they often had received higher education, and have a good cultural quality and taste. Tempo of life is fast, long office hours need a professional and convenient office chair to ease their lives and work stress. We elaborate cost-effective office chairs for our target customer groups. We design functional, good material, environmental protection, durable, elegant office chair. Let people work comfortable in office. And let their work become a kind of enjoyment.