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Product Features

     ASCENDENT products locates in the middle class and high-end market. The product function can meet the demand of today's white-collar office. And as the develop of society, parents pay more attention to children education and study device support. Study desks and chairs series would take over a large market. 
    We design ergonomic office chair and children's chair, to the point of view of empathy, providing customers with the most comfortable enjoyment. No matter what kind of sitting postures, ASCENDENT mesh chair can remain flexible to support you in all aspects, to bring you a wonderful surprise!
    Study desks and chairs diverse ASCENDENT’S product categories. Nowadays, knowledge is power. The cultivation of the talent arouse attention of the whole society. Parents are more concerned about the child's education and their future. ASCENDENT ergonomic and innovative study desks and chairs can help children to keep the correct posture and besides, have multi-function adjustments, which can accompany children grow up all the way.
    Comfortable and elegant, simple and uncommon, we create fashion belonging to you. Every office, is a precipitation of knowledge and experience. Every ASCENDENT conference chair, is a composed listener. Let ASCENDENT office chair accompany with you every day, cheer for you every day!