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Choose a right chair

 1. The back of the chair
   According to the research shows that when sitting on the backrest of a chair, chair of the Angle of 135 degrees or so, the intervertebral disc pressure is minimal. But 135 degree angle of the backrest of the chair is not practical, because this kind of chair has almost become almost half reclining posture. To accord with the demand of work, it is suggested that work with Angle relative to the back of the chair seat about 110 to 120 degrees or so the most appropriate.
2.The seat surface
    Due to the sitting position will focus on weight and we must choose chair that face of upper body weight can be evenly dispersed, and that can reduce the discomfort when sitting. Thickness of cushion should have at least 2 cm. Usually soft elastic cushion can conform to the shape of the buttocks and achieve the goal of dispersing weight pressure.
Seat surface must also differ according to each person's knee hip distance adjustment, in order to maintain the knee popliteal fossa rear have 5 cm space, avoid to behind the knee by nerve compression.
3. The seat height
    Posture can relax flat on the floor, with lower leg and thigh Angle if you can maintain a 100-110 degrees is the most suitable for high chair.
4. The lumbar support
    A good chair must have proper in the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebra in lumbar support. Lumbar support thickness of about 5 cm, height 10 to 18 cm long.
No matter how good the chair design, we don’t suggest you sitting all the time! Please remind yourself to leave the chair stand up, relieve pressure accumulation in the hip and spine.Turn left or turn right, forward curved waist waist stretch back waist are good exercise!
5. The back support
    From chair cushion to catch up, and the height of the upper back support must have 50 cm.
6. Armrest
    With a armrest can help support the weight of the upper body part, reduce the burden of the intervertebral disc. Armrest to the appropriate height can let shoulders relaxed lop is preferred.
    When people sitting on it, the spine can fit well to the chair body curve, is the chair to adapt, rather than to adapt to a chair.
8. Coated fabric or leather face is elaborate collocation, with the chair frame like nature itself
    Good chair has far more than a handful of seats, but exquisite works of art, its technology and aesthetic perfect binding energy of breathtaking.
9. Have need of good design
    Good chair designed to highlight the unique artistic charm. By using the principle of ergonomics, the new material, new craft to use them creatively, each part of the structure more reasonable, wood, glass, plastic, leather, fabric, as if a clever collocation, have their own charm in the chair.
    Chair leg material is very exquisite, can not have scar section, generally can't splice. Buy metal chair to pay attention to the wall thickness of steel pipe and other metal materials, relatively speaking, the more thick, the strong.
11. Style
    A chair should not only meet your need, also meet the existing furniture photograph collocation of colour and lustre. Popular chair is concise line, comfortable and practical.
12. The location
    If put on the balcony, or the courtyard, you can choose the rattan iron chairs, if room area is finite, you can choose folding style.
How to choose the children chair
Back on a soft chair or straight back are not suitable for developing children body, because the soft chair back would increase the risk of child waist damage, while straight back will make children feel very uncomfortable, so the diminutive forward. Children chair must be based on the child's age and height. Parents should choose a chair fitting with the child's spine physiology curve to help to keep their body development and visual acuity.
Height of 1.
   Generally speaking, the elementary student desk should be 63 cm tall, and usually the chair will  choose to 32 cm. This proportion of the body that is more suitable for most of the pupils. After junior or high school, chairs and tables are relatively increased 5 ~ 10 cm.
2. The back of a chair
    Chair back of a chair is also very important, a lot of home choosing the chair with a soft backrest. Also some home to beautiful, choose some straight back chair, butthe chair design is not suitable for learning.
Backrest of a chair is best with the child's spine physiology curve, the top has a little tilt tension.
The soft chair back would increase the risk of child waist damage and straight back will make children feel very uncomfortable. And physiology curve fit is much better, which can keep your children sitting at a right posture when they are reading, writing and drawing. 
3. The armrest
    Chair armrest is also very important. It must be fixed, the armrest of the arm support at the time of the bent slightly greater than 90 degrees, so that can let a sitting position to be more perfect.
4. The degree of friction
    You’d better not buy too slippery chair. Some plastic material and paint the chair looks very beautiful, but because of too slippery, lack of stability, children can not focus on study. The best material is solid wood and cloth surface, relatively fixed posture to sit in.
If it meets the requirements of the above, it is a good chair in the study. When choose and buy, you can take it for reference. As your children grow taller and taller, the tables and chairs also must carry on the relative transformation. 
How to choose a chair for elders
1. The back of a chair is higher
   Old men would like a chair with high back, headrest and armrest to support his declining body.  
   Height of chairs for elders should be equivalent to the height of the leg. When the old man sat, foot would be flat on the ground.
3. The weight
   Weight of the chair should not be too light. Heavy chair would be much safer. 
4. Without casters
   Do not use the belt pulley revolving chair, not safe, and easy to cause the waist fatigue.